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Sophie Morel, Dt.P. IBCLC  

A (almost) Zen mom, perinatal nutritionist, IBCLC breastfeeding consultant, Nourri-Source Montreal breastfeeding sponsor and baby carrying trainer.

The birth of her first child literally changed her life. She discovered a passion for breastfeeding, baby nutrition and carrying. Caring for her baby gave her a lot of confidence. Following her second pregnancy, she became involved with Nourri-Source Montreal as a volunteer.

It was during this volunteer work, as she met new mothers, that she felt the need to do more to help them. She therefore decided to reorient her career towards perinatal care. Training in pediatric nutrition, training in baby carrying and certification in human lactation... The journey was long, but the result was worth it.

Her goal is to equip families to have the most positive parenting and breastfeeding experience possible. She also wants to help increase their confidence in their parenting abilities and enable them to make informed choices.

Émilie Masson, Dt.P.  

Trained as a nutritionist, she worked for nearly 10 years in a community organization that helps low-income pregnant women.

There she confirmed her love for motherhood and children and discovered the fascinating world of breastfeeding.

Today, as a mother of 3 lovely children, she juggles her role as a mother with that of a nutritionist who is re-entering the workforce.

She has been a breastfeeding sponsor for a little over a year and has also completed her theoretical training as a breastfeeding consultant.

In all her roles, Émilie promotes prenatal education which, she is convinced, helps prepare mothers for motherhood and for serene breastfeeding.