Board of directors

Isabelle Poulin, President

Isabelle holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations and a master’s degree in Organizational Development from HEC Montréal. She has been working in the field of change management and human resources for over 10 years. She has worked in consulting as well as internally for several organizations, which has led her to work in Asia. Passionate about the transformation of organizations and human-centered approaches, Isabelle is known for her adaptability, her ability to listen and her analytical skills. Before becoming a volunteer for Nourri-Source Montréal more than a year ago, she benefited from mentorship services as soon as her first child was born. 

- Volunteer member, Villeray-Petite-Patrie

Margot Saunier, Vice President

Throughout motherhood, Margot discovered the superpowers of women and how extraordinary they are. With this feminist passion and her professional experiences, she is currently co-responsible for the Faubourgs sector, and is a breastfeeding mentor since June 2020. She focuses her energy and dedication into deploying actions that breastfeeding families and our breastfeeding mentors deserve. Margot leads the marketing department of a Quebec-based SME agri-food company, which has allowed her to understand the strategic and operational issues of a company. A team player and dynamic, she is eager to use these skills for our organization. And on a more personal note, she loves dancing with her daughter while cooking!

- Volunteer member, des Faubourgs

Mylène Fugère, Secretary

A chemical engineer by training, Mylène Fugère has been working in the field of sustainable development and packaging recovery since 2010. She holds a master's degree from the École Polytechnique de Montréal, completed at the CIRAIG, on the analysis of environmental impacts and the eco-design of manufacturing products.

Mother of two children, Mylène has been involved as a mentor with Nourri-Source since 2015, and as a manager for the Rosemont sector since 2019.

- Volunteer member, Rosemont

Myriam Pagès

Myriam Pagès, Treasurer

With a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, Ms. Myriam Pagès has over 20 years of experience in software development and project management.

In her professional life, she is known for her ability to manage simultaneous projects, to show leadership and adapt in a constantly changing environment.

As a mother of two grown boys, breastfeeding has always been a subject close to her heart, and she was a breastfeeding mentor for two years after the birth of her second child.

- Member of the community, former volunteer


Behzad Damghani, Administrator


- Community member


Ariane Campeau, Administrator


- Volunteer member, Rosemont


Milagros Guevara, Administrator


- ​​Volunteer member