What is a breastfeeding drop-in center?

A breastfeeding drop-in is a friendly place where mothers-to-be, young mothers, fathers and siblings are welcomed to share their breastfeeding experience and receive the support they need.

  • The breastfeeding drop-in allows you to meet our breastfeeding mentors or health professionals (nurse, lactation consultant, etc.);
  • The breastfeeding drop-in helps to break the isolation that can occur after childbirth;
  • The breastfeeding drop-in centre provides information on various topics related to perinatality;
  • The breastfeeding drop-in allows you to learn more about the resources available in our neighbourhood;
  • The breastfeeding drop-in allows you to meet new people.

Our breastfeeding drop-ins take place in PRESENCE at different community organizations in different neighborhoods AND VIRTUALLY* on Zoom. Check our calendar below for all the dates and locations as well as our zoom link to connect.

Free - No registration required

* The topics proposed for the virtual breastfeeding drop-in sessions are not related to your questions? No problem, we will take the time to answer them!

Calendar / Breastfeeding drop-ins  

Legend :
    P : Breastfeeding drop-ins in Person
    V : Breastfeeding drop-ins Virtual
    C : Breastfeeding community clinic on appointment (see below the calendar)

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The Nourri-Source regional offices also offer virtual breastfeeding drop-ins

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