Family portrait

Ville-Marie (Témiscamingue)

Father of four children : Adrian, 17 years old, Benjamin 15 years old, Christopher, 13 years old and Lillianne, 11 years old

Jean-Francois is a committed father who is involved in his community.

He would have liked to participate in the shooting of the videos, but the dates chosen (and the distance!) did not allow his presence.

Nevertheless, he accepted to share with us a part of his story.

Couple avec quatre enfants

The choice and the beginning of breastfeeding  

« Before the birth of our first child, after reading some information, and it was something we wanted to do.

The experience has been great with all four children.

For the oldest, it was more complex since he was premature and was hospitalized for a week, but we could stay in the hospital with him. »

The father's role in breastfeeding  

« It's a supportive role both morally and physically.

It is important to be involved in order to keep in touch with the mother and the child and to find a way to connect with the child because at this point the mother-child bond is very strong and you can feel useless.

But we can connect in other ways by changing diapers, giving baths... »

The development of the bond with the baby  

« It developed more easily with the first and the last two. For the second one, the bond was more difficult because I was less present due to my work.

By getting involved in baths, diaper changes, etc., I was able to connect with the child. The relationship with the mother is paramount, as she needs to make room for the father, so he has a chance to connect as well. »

Life as a couple while breastfeeding  

« It is indeed a challenge, but one that can be resolved with communication and understanding.

It can feel like you're being pushed aside or in competition with the child, but with discussion and an open mind, there are always ways to adjust.

And it doesn't last a lifetime either! »