Sébastien and Flavie

Family Portrait

Marieville (Montérégie)

Dad of Haythan, 4 years old, Zaïra, 2 years old, Maïla-Rose, 1 year old, and Eliott, 7 months old

Sébastien is a little different from most people his age: at 24, he is the proud father of four children!

Exclusive breastfeeding was not possible for them, so they opted for mixed feeding - a compromise that benefited the whole family.

In a few words, Sébastien breaks down many prejudices about the new generation.

Couple avec quatre jeunes enfants

The choice and the beginning of breastfeeding  

« My wife, Flavie, didn't have much milk, so we chose mixed feeding to provide complete nutrition for the babies.

In the beginning, it was a natural thing to do. I like to be close to my babies and feel that I can be involved. And my partner can take little breaks, so everyone wins. »

The father's role in breastfeeding  

« He is essential. Even when breastfeeding, the father needs to be present to create an emotional bond with the baby.

The father can go so far as to stay close to his partner and caress the baby, or simply give the bottle if breastfeeding is mixed. »

Developing the bond with the baby  

« From birth. I had the chance to help my wife give birth (with the help of the doctor) during the birth of my last three children.

From the first skin-to-skin to the first steps, every bonding moment counts. »

Life as a couple while breastfeeding  

« We haven't found it that hard. We keep (some) time for our couple and we are careful with our intimate life.

It's true that we have less time with a newborn baby, but every minute counts! »