Simon and Milagros

Family portrait


Ahuntsic (Montreal)

Parents of Emma, 10 months old

Simon, born in Quebec, and Milagros, originally from Venezuela, met in a scout bazaar.

A love at first sight, a few years and a baby later, they share with us their touching and inspiring breastfeeding story.

First here, with Milagros' testimony, then in a few videos.

Couple et bébé qui joue

The general experience

« I love breastfeeding! I feel so empowered, it's like a 'superpower'.

And I'm not just talking about the nutrition side; it's also the convenience, nothing to wash, nothing to prepare, nothing to sterilize, nothing to bring.

On top of everything, it's THE best food for MY baby. »

bébé allaité

The choice of breastfeeding

« I thought about it for a long time, I really thought bottle feeding was an equivalent choice, but the more I read, the more I convinced myself I was going to breastfeed. »

The early days of breastfeeding

« I thought it was natural and simple, but I quickly realized that I didn't know much about it. Plus, there's a lot of misinformation and myths out there.

People around me who didn't breastfeed or who stopped very early (7 months or so) would give me "advice" or - wanting to help – would offer to give my daughter a bottle...

I almost stopped breastfeeding, and I am so thankful I found support at Nourri-Source Montreal and from a breastfedding support volunteer. »

The father's role in breastfeeding  

« The father's role is to support the breastfeeding mom, to take care of the baby while mom rests, and to take care of mom.

Especially in the beginning, that's all you do, breastfeed. That means you need someone to make food, bring a glass of water, etc. »

Developing the bond with the baby  

« With daily care. I changed the first diaper when baby was about 6 weeks old.

I also enrolled them in a swimming class, so once a week they would go in the pool together. »

Life as a couple while breastfeeding

« It was hard, once my boyfriend went back to work, we couldn't see each other so much.

The group feedings were quite a challenge, they are the worst 5@7!

In addition to the fatigue and lack of sleep, it took time, willpower and a lot of patience. »


See Simon, Milagros and their bubbly Emma in our videos! (in French only)