The team

Executive Director and IBCLC

Sophie Morel, directrice et IBCLC

(514) 948-5160 #2

Sophie Morel 

A graduate in nutrition from the Université de Montréal and holder of a certificate from the IBLCE, Sophie has been involved in community work since 2011. After starting her career as a nutritionist in a CLSC with a multi-ethnic adult clientele, she turned to perinatal care. She is currently completing a certificate in administration.

Following the birth of her first child, she discovered a passion for breastfeeding, baby feeding and carrying. After her second pregnancy, she became involved with Nourri-Source Montreal as a volunteer, before working as a project manager. Her personal and professional experiences allow her to have a global vision of the organization and the issues surrounding breastfeeding.

Since December 2020, she holds the position of Executive Director, all the while training breastfeeding mentors and participating in breastfeeding clinics as a lactation consultant. As Director, she is responsible for coordinating the work of the team, representing Nourri-Source Montreal to institutional and community partners, and ensuring the development and sustainability of the organization for the coming years.

Development Officer

Aurélie Doyen, agente de développement

Aurélie Doyen  

Aurélie holds a degree in Food and Agriculture Engineering with a background in nutrition and health. She has more than eight years of experience in project development and marketing/communication.

As a young mother, sociable and considerate, she naturally turned to the community sector, touching on nutrition, health and on providing support to young mothers.

As a development officer, Aurélie's mandate is to consolidate and develop Nourri-Source Montreal's services on the island of Montreal. She liaises with community partners and Integrated Health and Social Services University Networks (CIUSSS for its acronym in French) in the city while supporting mentors in their role as volunteers for their sector.

Services Coordinator

Marie-Claude Biron, adjointe administrative

Marie-Claude Biron  

Marie-Claude has a far-reaching training and expertise. Her first career was as an audiologist for the rehabilitation for young children with hearing loss. Afterwards, she spent more than 20 years as a senior webmaster, creating about a hundred websites for various fields.

Then, at the dawn of her fifties, her interest in perinatal intervention was born. She subsequently followed various training courses and completed a degree in perinatal psychology at UQAM.


Development and Liaison Officer

Ellie Nash, agente de développement

Ellie Nash  

Having studied political science, international development and business administration, Ellie's career path is naturally a mosaic. Prior to coming to Montreal, she worked in elementary education in disadvantaged areas in Texas and in promoting childhood immunization in rural India. More recently, Ellie has been supporting newly arrived immigrants in Montreal.

With the birth of her daughter in May 2019, Ellie felt an immediate sense of solidarity with past, present and future mothers. Becoming a mentor seemed like a perfect way to do this. She joined the first cohort of pandemic-trained mentors in June 2020.

As Development and Liaison Officer, Ellie's mandate is to consolidate and develop Nourri-Source Montreal's services throughout the island of Montreal. She liaises with community partners and the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network (CIUSSS for its acronym in French) in the city while supporting mentors in their role as volunteers for their sector.

Administrative assistant

Roxane Bérubé 

Roxane graduated from EMICA in 2017 with a degree in secretarial studies. She immediately turned to community work in order to help. As a mother of two children and passionate about family intervention and perinatal care, it is natural that she joins the Nourri-Source Montreal team. She has been able to help breastfeeding families for over five years thanks to her involvement as a breastfeeding support volunteer.

As an administrative assistant, Roxane supports the team members in various organizational tasks. In particular, she is in charge of the daily distribution of match requests between the breastfeeding support volunteers and the families who make a request.

She also follows up on the requests for aspiring breastfeeding support volunteers as well as the registrations for the various basic training sessions in breastfeeding and active listening. In addition, she is responsible for updating the organization's communication tools and improving the databases and administrative procedures.

Communications Officer

Rosita Soares 

After graduating in communications ten years ago, Rosita has had the opportunity to work in a variety of fields, from visual arts to community work.

Throughout her experiences, she has discovered a true passion for social projects that resonate beyond web platforms and reach out to people.

As a communications officer, Rosita's mandate is to develop and enrich the communication tools within Nourri-Source and to contribute to spreading its values.