Formation « What's in Your Toolbox? »

Formation « What's in Your Toolbox? »

Date : 09 juin 2021

Lieu : Virtually, on Zoom

Heure : 19h à 21h

With Jennifer Welch

- This continuing education is intended for the breastfeeding peer support volunteers of Nourri-Source Montreal.


Once we've optimized position and latch, what do we do if there are still difficulties?  These are situations where breastfeeding tools and accessories can be helpful in order to stabilize the situation until the causes can be resolved.

Come and explore the various tools that may be used in complex breastfeeding situations.  We'll discuss the indications for each as well as the pros and cons.


After completing this training, participants:

- Will be able to identify six tools used in complex situations

- Will understand when and how each tool is used

- Will understand the pros and cons of each tool.


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