Breastfeeding - a shared responsibility

Fathers and ... breastfeeding!?!

  • Creating tools for fathers, which include content about fatherhood and breastfeeding that will resonate with them.
  • Helping fathers and mothers better understand the importance of being a team when it comes to breastfeeding and childcare.
  • Aiding breastfeeding couples have a positive breastfeeding experience, fathers to become more involved in breastfeeding and mothers to feel more supported by their partners.

These are the ambitious goals of Nourri-Source Montreal.  

This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Ministère de la famille, the partnership with the Regroupement pour la valorisation de la paternité and the collaboration with Francine de Montigny of the Centre d'études et de recherche en intervention familiale.

Understandably, it takes more than a few videos and a short comic strip to make a difference.

This is why the organization has begun a reflection on fatherhood and breastfeeding, thus hoping to equip breastfeeding families, breastfeeding mentors and caregivers who accompany parents on a daily basis.

To discover the origin of the project, read the article The genesis of the project

Four families, four breastfeeding journeys



Director : Gabriel Bissonnette

** Please note that the content
of the videos is in French.

In their own words, they share with us the ups and downs of life as new parents of breastfed children.

They explain to us that the father, even if he doesn't breastfeed, plays an important role in his child's life.

And that breastfeeding is not a closed dynamic between the mother and her baby, but an experience that can certainly be lived by all three.

The four families illustrate how to combine breastfeeding, fatherhood and co-parenting.

The decision and the beginning of breastfeeding  

The families tell us how they approached the subject as a couple, the reasons that motivated this decision and what their perception of breastfeeding was initially.

Through their stories, we discover that reality is often far from what we imagine...

Although breastfeeding is natural, it is not necessarily easy.

However, it is possible to get through it and enjoy the adventure.

The father's role  

Some fathers say that they are not sure how to take their place or be helpful during breastfeeding.

Others have heard that their role is limited to taking care of the mother.

The parents who shared their experience here will show you that there are many ways to be involved with mother and child, and that there are as many different roles as there are fathers!

Developing a bond with the baby  

Bonding with the baby is possible - despite popular belief - for both mother and father!

Obviously, breastfeeding promotes attachment between baby and mother, and this may seem like an obstacle to some partners.

However, daily presence, caring for the baby, skin-to-skin contact and activities "reserved" for the father with his child are just a few examples of how this precious bond can be forged.

Life as a couple  

The arrival of a baby certainly changes the couple's relationship and breastfeeding can sometimes contribute to this.

Fatigue, the constant presence for the baby and changes in the mother's perception of her body are all factors that can affect conjugal life.

Intimacy, both emotional and sexual, is unfortunately no exception!

With humor and emotion, families tell us how they live this reality and find ways to maintain their life as a couple.

Family Portraits

Discover a variety of breastfeeding experiences through the stories of these families. 

These stories are touching, sometimes destabilizing and above all, authentic.

They are unique accounts that show the diversity of families and parental roles.

They also show that teamwork makes it possible to have a positive breastfeeding experience while maintaining a satisfying life as a couple.


Comic strip

Synopsis and illustrations by Mathieu Potvin, 2020

Text by Jean-François Villeneuve

Bande dessinée

Marc, Adam and Maxime are each experiencing the first months of life of their first child in their own way. Caring fathers, they find themselves overwhelmed by their new role. Welcoming a baby into a changing couple is no easy task!

What seemed simple at first, like breastfeeding, turns out to be much more complex than they thought. They have to find ways to thrive both individually and in the family context. A visit to the café is an opportunity for them to pause, appreciate how far they've come, and look forward to what's next in this adventure of just a few months.

While Marc envies the special and intimate relationship that is developing between his partner and their baby, he is unable to discuss it. He remains distant, on the periphery. Marc acknowledges that he will have to address his doubts, but he doesn't yet know how to do so.

For his part, Adam would like to be more involved in parenting, but he realizes that there is a big difference between what he expected and the reality of a new family. He watches his partner, he learns. He knows that soon he will be able to take his place.

Maxime, for his part, congratulates himself for having persevered. From the beginning, he and his wife worked together on important decisions and on the different steps to take during their baby's first months. Not everything went according to plan, far from it! But as time went on, he discovered that breastfeeding was just one of the many ways to contribute to their baby's development. Being a father can involve many other activities that are rewarding not only for him, but for the whole family.

** Please note that the content of the comic strip is in French

Consult our resource page in French which contains various resources

For a directory of specialized breastfeeding resources in Montreal, consult the Guide des Ressources.



It is thanks to them that the project was made possible!  

Nourri-Source Montreal would like to thank the families who participated in this project, the members of the advisory committee, Mardoché Mertilus of the RVP, P'tit Chaos - Espace libre and the Ministère de la Famille.

Families present at the filming: Simon, Milagros and Emma; Louis-Félix, Marie-Soleil, Charlotte and Jules; Behzad, Rosemary and Navid; Zoé, Simon, Alphonse and Lou.

Focus group participants: Jean-François, François, Frédéric, Éric, Marie-Douce, Fannie and Mandy.

Written testimonials: Lena, Regina, Jean-François, Sébastien and Maude.

Advisory Committee Members  

Sophie Morel, Project Manager and Breastfeeding Consultant (IBCLC) for Nourri-Source Montreal

Fannie Savignac, Breastfeeding volunteer for Nourri-Source Montreal

Bruno Pépin, volunteer dad for Nourri-Source Laurentides

Jean-François Villeneuve, volunteer dad for Nourri-Source Montreal

Francine de Montigny, professor and researcher at the Université du Québec en Outaouais

Mardoché Mertilus, in charge of the PAPPa program at RVP




Inclusion Statement:  

« At Nourri-Source Montreal, we treat the uniqueness and diversity of each individual and family with great respect. We welcome all families: single-parent, adoptive, foster, ethnocultural, two-parent (regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity), blended, extended, polyparental, transgender, multi-parental, with children living with their parent(s) or not, etc. We value a diversity of people, values and perspectives in order to build a strong and inclusive community. »  While this project is primarily, by its nature, destined for fathers, it is not exclusively for them. See the article on The genesis of the project for more details.